1. Hands holding corn; Kenya World Humanitarian Day
  2. Siby Federal Government Policy Guidelines for Africa
  3. In der Lehrwerkstatt Working, training and studying in Germany
Hands holding corn; Kenya

World Humanitarian Day

In 2009 19 August was declared World Humanitarian Day in order to recognise international humanitarian commitment and its principles. In recent years the global need for humanitarian assistance has continued to increase. In 2017, the Federal Foreign Office has already spent 1.4 billion euros on responding to humanitarian crises around the world, more than ever before.


Federal Government Policy Guidelines for Africa

Which strategy is Germany pursuing with regard to this rapidly changing continent? The Federal Government Policy Guidelines for Africa, developed by the Federal Foreign Office, set out approaches to taking opportunities, tackling risks and overcoming crises.

In der Lehrwerkstatt

Working, training and studying in Germany

Germany is an attractive immigration destination. This country is open to qualified professionals, students and researchers moving here from all over the world. Germany has carried out numerous reforms to make immigration easier. There is a wealth of information about Germany as an immigration destination online. This collection of links and information should help you to get started in your research. You will find all you need to know, from visa requirements to work permits, recognition of foreign qualifications and the most in-demand jobs, to practical tips on living in Germany.

Aktionsplan Wirtschaft und Menschenrechte

National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights

The German Government adopted the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights in its cabinet meeting on Wednesday (21 December). The goal of this Action Plan is to implement the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


Germany is a reliable, credible and experienced partner for peace, security and stability.

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Germany for United Nations Security Council 2019-20

Peace, justice, innovation, partnership - these are the things Germany wants to play in the United Nations. That is why we are standing for a seat in the United Nations Security Council 2019/20 - "an organization more important than ever," said Foreign Minister Steinmeier.

UN logo on office building in Bonn

Statement by members of the donor community on the incident in Maiduguri on August 11, 2017

The below members of the donor community wish to express their concern with respect to the unauthorized search by the Nigerian military of a United Nations base for humanitarian workers in Maiduguri, Borno state on 11 August, 2017.

German Election 2017

Oct 18, 2017 7:19 PM

German conservatives launch 'constructive' coalition talks

Angela Merkel's conservative bloc has begun talks on forging a three-way coalition. During the negotiations, all parties will have to find common ground on a slew of divisive issues, from immigration to climate policy.

Oct 18, 2017 1:45 PM

Opinion: Angela Merkel's Jamaica coalition is right for Germany

The people wanted something new and that's what they'll get. Currently being negotiated in Berlin, the next government would take the country into uncharted waters. And that's a good thing, says DW's Jefferson Chase.

Sep 28, 2017 7:58 PM

In eastern Germany's Görlitz, fear and understanding after AfD election win

The AfD fared well in the eastern state that borders Poland

The right-wing AfD was the strongest party in Germany's eastern state of Saxony in parliamentary elections last Sunday. DW's Daniel Pelz went to the city of Görlitz to find out how residents feel about the results.

Sep 28, 2017 3:33 PM

AfD in the Bundestag: Can Germany learn from Scandinavia's far-right problem?

The entry of the populist AfD into the Bundestag presents a new challenge to Germany's politicians. But Denmark, Sweden, and Norway have had far-right parties in their parliaments for some time now ? how do they cope?

Sep 28, 2017 3:19 PM

What does the German election mean for Brexit?

The next round of Brexit talks, planned for October, could be delayed until December, ostensibly due to a lack of progress on trade issues. However, drawn out coalition talks in Germany may also play a role.

Soccer Tournament for New Kuchingoro Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp

Soccer Tournament for the benefit of New Kuchingoro Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp Abuja

In May the German Embassy organized a Soccer Tournament for International and IDP-teams in Abuja. The New Kuchingoro IDP/Refugee Camp fielded 5 excellent teams, squaring off against squads from the Embassies of Germany, Argentina/Finland and Adam Smith International (UK). The partnership with the New Kuchingoro IDP camp came about in February 2016 when the Former German President Joachim Gauck visited the IDP camp.

State Secretary Markus Ederer and Permanent Secretary Sola Enikanolaiye co‑chairing the meeting of the working group on policy of the German-Nigerian Binational Commission

Working group on policy of the German-Nigerian Binational Commission meets at the Federal Foreign Office

State Secretary Dr Markus Ederer received his Nigerian counterpart Permanent Secretary Sola Enikanolaiye at the Federal Foreign Office on Thursday (8 June). Ederer and Enikanolaiye co‑chaired the fifth meeting of the working group on policy of the German-Nigerian Binational Commission. The fight against terrorism and radicalisation, the EU-Africa Summit in autumn of 2017, United Nations reform and the human rights situation were on the agenda of the high-level working group.

Energy Efficiency Award 2017

Energy Efficiency Award 2017: Companies can apply now

The international energy efficiency competition of the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) - German Energy Agency has the motto "The Makers of Energy Transition " this year. Private and public companies are invited to submit their projects and concepts by 15 July 2017, which have a special impact on the practical implementation of the energy conversion. You can find all the information you need to enter for free at

Alexander von Humboldt

Kosmos Humboldt website - www.kosmos-humboldt.org

Alexander von Humboldt is seen as the last great universal scholar. The first environmental activist, humanist, world traveller and international cosmopolitan. But what is behind the legend?

Latest News from the GIC Africa

The German Information Centre Africa is part of a network of nine GICs in key regions of German foreign policy. It is designed to enhance the flow of information to those in Africa interested in Germany. The GIC presents today's modern, innovative Germany with its multi-faceted and close links to Africa. 

Ortenburg Bible, German Historical Museum

500th anniversary of the Reformation

Five hundred years ago, on 31 October 1517, legend has it that theology professor Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg. The posting of these theses in Wittenberg marks the beginning of the Reformation. The far reaching theological, cultural and political consequences of the Reformation make its anniversary in 2017 not only a church affair, but a central global event in cultural history.


EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card - Entry visa The EU Blue Card allows third-country nationals with a university degree to take up employment in Germany commensurate with their qualifications.The EU Blue Card, like all longer-term residence permits, is issued exclusively by the relevant foreigners’ authority in Germany. You must apply for the national visa, which is required inadvance, from the Embassy.

Germany in Nigeria

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We finally launched the German Embassy’s Social Media presence on Facebook. Please like, share and spread the word with everyone interested in Germany and our Embassy!  Connect with us there to learn more about the Embassy’s activities, receive press information or just have an exchange with us! You can find us here:


More than 15,000 refugees have been turned away

European refugee crisis 2016 Enlarge image Hundreds of refugees are waiting in the old Athens airport building (© picture alliance / dpa, © dpa) Between January and July 2016, more than 15,000 people were turned back at the German border because they did not meet the requirements to enter legally.

People who travel to Europe and Germany illegally are putting their lives at risk.

Anyone who enters Germany illegally in search of work and a better life will not be allowed to stay.

Rejected asylum-seekers will be deported, receive long-term travel bans for the Schengen area and must pay their deportation costs themselves.

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Refugees whose asylum applications have been turned down have to leave Germany

The flow of refugees to Germany continues. In 2015, more than a million asylum-seekers registered here... that’s the highest number ever. However, not all of them are granted residency.


Rumours about Germany currently circulating in Nigeria

Rumours that all asylum seekers and illegal immigrants in Germany get asylum easily and can stay in Germany are untrue! What is true is that each single case will be examined by the authorities and decided on its own merits. Anyone who is not granted a right to stay must leave Germany. It’s also very important to know that there is no such thing as economic asylum in Germany.

European refugee crisis 2016


#RumoursAboutGermany Beware: Human traffickers are not reliable source of information about living conditions in Europe. They are criminals. Human traffickers deliberately spread rumours and false ...

German Embassy Abuja and the Consulate General Lagos closed on 31st October!


Please note, that the German Embassy Abuja and the Consulate General Lagos will be closed on 31.10.2017. We apologize for inconveniences and thank you for your understanding.

Contact details of the German missions in Nigeria

Please find the contact details and opening hours of the German Embassy in Abuja and the German Consulate General in Lagos here.

Contact details of the German Embassy in Abuja

Opening hours for consular matters without appointments:

09.30-11.30 a.m.

Please note that as from January 1, 2017 on, an appointment will be requested for all legal and consular services. Please click here , to access the appointment booking system.

German Embassy in Abuja

9, Lake Maracaibo Close, off Amazon Street

Abuja F.C.T.

P.O.Box 5177
Abuja, F.C.T

00234 9 220 8010/11/12
00234 706 410 8800 or -805 880 8800

Contact details of the Consulate General in Lagos

Opening hours of Consular Section

8.00-11.00 a.m.
Emergencies only

Opening hours of Visa Section

7.00-12.00 a.m.

Please note that an appointment must be booked for visa as well as consular services.

German Consulate General in Lagos

15, Walter Carrington Crescent

Victoria Island



00234 1 280 9966
00234 1 280 9969
0049 30 1817 67232

The Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sigmar Gabriel

Sigmar Gabriel

Ambassador Bernhard Schlagheck

Ambassador Mr Bernhard Schlagheck

Ambassador Bernhard Schlagheck was appointed Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2016.

The Consul General in Lagos

Ingo Herbert, Generalkonsul der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Lagos

Since September 2015, Ingo Herbert has been the German Consul General in Lagos.

Important Information for visitors!

Dear visitors to the German Embassy Abuja and the German Consulate General in Lagos, please read the following important information.

Deutsche Welle's new English-language TV channel

New Logo of DW News

Starting June 22, 2015, Deutsche Welle will broadcast its new TV-Channel including German-language news program "DW Nachrichten" around the clock. The newly structured TV channels will include among others DW in English, Spanish and Arabic.

Experience Germany Refreshed, mobile and highly interactive – deutschland.de has a new face to it

Discover topics, find information, view videos , take part in the Germany Quiz and in online voting, interact with others: If you want to understand what makes Germany tick and what Germany is busy talking about, then visit deutschland.de and its social-media channels .

The Deutschland portal has a new face: young, refreshed, mobile and highly interactive.

Deutsche Welle - Germany's international broadcaster

Logo Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle, or DW, is known for its in-depth, reliable news and information in 30 languages – among them English and Hausa! Culture, education and Europe; those are some of the focal points. Via television, radio and the internet DW classifies facts, explains contexts and analyzes background information.

Daily News from Germany - www.deutschland.de

Berliner Zeitungsmarkt

Please find here the daily news from Germany

Latest news from Germany

Information about German foreign and European policy and major domestic issues.