Visa information

Going to Germany? Not only will this website help you find out whether or not you require a visa for Germany, but it will also guide you through the application process and allow you to download the relevant application forms.

Legal and Consular Affairs

The legal and consular section is the liaison point in all legal matters with Germany. The Embassy provides services from certifications and notarization, to the issuance of passports and visas, to helping in emergencies. More information and a list of the entire service spectrum can be found on the site “Legal and Consular Affairs”.   Please note - the Embassy in Abuja supports German nationals in consular affairs only if they are habitually resident in the Federal Capital Territory. The consular administrative district of the Embassy is extended to the states north of the rivers Benue and Niger only in emergencies. The consular administrative district of the General Consulate in Lagos however, covers the whole of Nigeria.