Long term visa

Long Term Visa

If you intend to stay in Germany for more than 90 days, you have to apply for a long term visa (residence permit).

1. Appointments for visa interviews (family reunion, work visa etc.)  can be booked online

Please note: From September 1st 2017, the visa fee amounts to 75.00 Euro (only payable in Naira).

Incomplete applications are likely to be refused. We therefore advise you to only file complete applications.

2. Student visa appointments:

Please note that student visa appointments for the winter semester 2017/2018 can only be booked via e-mail. The booking system online does not provide appointments for students any longer. If you are interested in a student visa appointment, please forward the following documents to lago%27%diplo%27%de,student

-          Letter of admission from your university/language school/Studienkolleg

-          Opening confirmation for your blocked account/copy of Verpflichtungserklärung/scholarship confirmation

-          Copy of your passport data page

Please note that appointments can only be granted if there are at least 6 weeks left until your enrolment period ends.


3. Application forms

Please fill the following application forms for your visa interview and bring them with you:

Application form for long term visa [pdf, 708.51k]

Declaration according to Section 54 Paragraph 2 Number 8 [pdf, 25.22k]

Further information on the different visa categories and required documents can be found below.

Please note that enquiries concerning the status of an application will not be answered.

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Family Reunion Visa

A family reunion visa can be issued to persons who wish to permanently join a member of their family in Germany. Please note that the fee for document verification has been increased, effective from 1st August 2016.

Student from Ghana

Student, research and language course visa

For the purpose of studying or conducting research at a German university, you are required to apply for a student visa. Language courses for the duration of more than three months also belong in this category.

With a blocked account you can provide evidence during the visa application process that you have adequate financial resources.

We are aware of the following providers in Germany who currently offer blocked bank accounts for students:

Deutsche Bank

It may also be possible to open a limited‑withdrawal account with a bank in the town or city where you will be studying. To find out, contact the local bank directly.

German Embassy in Abuja: Please view the opening hours of the Consular Section.

German Consulate General in Lagos: Appointments for the certification of a signature for the opening of a blocked account and the certification of copies for university applications can be booked online. Please click here to be forwarded to the appointment booking system.



EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card - Entry visa

The EU Blue Card allows third-country nationals with a university degree to take up employment in Germany commensurate with their qualifications. The EU Blue Card, like all longer-term residence permits, is issued exclusively by the relevant foreigners’ authority in Germany. You must apply for the national visa, which is required in advance, from the Embassy.


Au Pair/ Voluntary Work Visa

If you intend to go to Germany as an Au-Pair or do voluntary work for one year, please apply for this category.

Industrial workplace

Work visa

If you plan on taking up a job in Germany, you are required to apply for a work visa.

Long term visa

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The application form for a long term visa

VIS - Visa Information System

For your visa appointment for a long term stay in Germany (more than 90 day), please find the application form and questionnaire to be filled here:

The visa appointment booking system


Book a date and time for your visa appointment at the German Consulate General in Lagos.

Basic German knowlegde for family reunion visa

Please find more information concerning the legal requirement of proof of basic German knowledge for visa applications for joining your spouse in Germany here: