Visa information


Please be informed that the maximum size of a bag/backpack/luggage admittible to the Consulate is 30 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm. Please refrain from bringing bags larger than these measurements with you to your appointments at the Consulate General. Bags bigger than 30 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm cannot be stored at the Consulate which is why applicants who bring such bags with them cannot be allowed into the Consulate. Thank you for your understanding.

Important notice for student visa applicants (Lagos):

Please note that the Consulate General is unfortunately booked out and cannot offer student visa appointments for the winter semester 2017/2018 any longer. If you are a prospective student and have received a scholarship grant by a German or European organization, please contact lago%27%diplo%27%de,student

Important notice regarding visas for medical treatments (Lagos):

Starting August 15th, 2017, applicants who apply for a visa for medical treatment need to book an appointment in advance.

Important notice regarding visa appointments in Abuja:

The Consulate General Lagos handles all visa applications for Nigeria. The German Embassy in Abuja can accept visa applications in exceptional cases. Please go to "Application Procedure" (please see below) and go to number 5 for more information on the elligble group of applicants and to book an appointment.

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Application procedure

Apart from a few exceptions, all visa applications have to be submitted at the Consulate General in Lagos. Please find more information on the application procedure here.


Long term visa

For stays in Germany for over 90 days, a long term - or national - visa has to be applied for. Please find more information on the different types of long term visas and their requirements here.

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Short term visa

For short term stays in Germany (less than 90 days) - e.g. visiting friends and family or attending a business meeting - a Schengen visa has to be applied for. Please find more information on the different categories and required documents here.

The visa appointment booking system


Book a date and time for your visa appointment at the German Consulate General in Lagos.

The online application form for a Schengen visa

Antragsformular Schengenvisum

VIDEX enables you to complete your application form for a Schengen visa (short term stay) online. After completion, please print out the application form for your visa appointment.
Please find the link to VIDEX, the questionnaire and guidelines on how to use VIDEX here:

The application form for a long term visa

VIS - Visa Information System

For your visa appointment for a long term stay in Germany (more than 90 day), please find the application form and questionnaire to be filled here:

Rumours about Germany currently circulating in Nigeria


Rumours that all asylum seekers and illegal immigrants in Germany get asylum easily and can stay in Germany are untrue! What is true is that each single case will be examined by the authorities and decided on its own merits. Anyone who is not granted a right to stay must leave Germany. It’s also very important to know that there is no such thing as economic asylum in Germany.

Contact the Visa section

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