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Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2016 – A Global Dialogue on the Energiewende

«Towards a global Energiewende» - the motto of the “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2016“ makes it very clear about where we are going in terms of energy supplies. The second international energy transition conference at the German Foreign Office in March saw politicians and businesspeople coming together to exchange experiences, develop new strategies and above all, take the Paris climate protection agreement seriously.

Energiewende-Konferenz März 2015

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2016 on 17-18 March

The German Government will host the international Energy Transition Dialogue at the Federal Foreign Office from 17 to 18 March. The event is aimed at government and business decision-makers, scientists, interest groups and civil society.

Timbering plant in Wunsiedel

Upper Franconian Municipality Wunsiedel Reaches Climate Goals Early Thanks to Wind, Bioenergy and Co.

In June 2016 the Bavarian town of Wunsiedel was honored as “Energy Municipality of the Month” by the Renewable Energies Agency. The town already reached its self-chosen climate and energy goals for 2020 this year.

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Local Climate Adaptation- Global Climate Protection

Tourists are big fans of the Kieler Woche, a week of sailing events on Germany's Baltic Sea coast. This year, some visitors to this colourful sporting event will be talking about climate change. The German Foreign Ministry has invited delegates from 14 countries to exchange views and discuss a very successfull model.

Minister of State Pieper opening a conference on climate change

Germany’s contribution to international climate diplomacy

As the 21st century progresses the consequences of global climate change will have a major impact on people all around the world. The German government is keen to take international climate diplomacy forward.

Hamburg - Grünes Vorbild für Europa

Hamburg: Green Role Model for Europe

Developing cycle paths, improving public transport, putting more electric vehicles on the roads, modernizing houses, designating areas for new biotopes and using waste for energy production are just some of the environmentally friendly ideas with which Hamburg aims to make a mark as European Green Capital in 2011. Germany’s second largest city, which has 1.7 million inhabitants, was awarded the honour by the European Commission and beat 35 European competitors in the process. Hamburg is now the second city – after the Swedish capital Stockholm – to receive this title for an exemplary commitment to environmental protection and nature conservation.

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Science on Stage: Science Slam

So long ivory tower! Making science accessible to everyone - that's the goal of the science slammers when they get up on stage and go head-to-head. The winner is the person who manages to present their research topic in the most understandable and funniest way.

Energiewende in Deutschland

Making good progress with the Energiewende

The first Government monitoring report entitled “Energy of the future” shows that Germany’s Energiewende – the transformation of its energy system – is on course. As part of the “Energy of the future” monitoring process, the German Government takes stock of progress made with the Energiewende each year.

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Cutting-edge International Research in Germany: The x-ray laser European XFEL

The X-ray Laser European XFEL is a unique research facility being set up in the North of Germany. Starting in 2017, it will generate extremely intense x-ray flashes to make the tiniest particles visible. XFEL will attract scientists from around the world.


Science and research in Germany

Germany is the Land of Ideas – one of the most innovative countries in the world. Our universities and research centres not only produce research worthy of the label “Made in Germany” but also make attractive partners in the international arena.

Young Reserachers 2010

Young Germans Engage in Research

Forty-five years ago, young Germans were first called upon to participate in a research competition under the motto “We’re Looking for the Researchers of Tomorrow!” – marking the birth of the Young Researchers competition. The aim of the contest is to arouse young Germans’ enthusiasm for science and research and to promote the up-and-coming young scientists and researchers who are so essential to Germany’s future.

Science, Energy, Environment, Climate

Sonnenkollektoren auf einem Ziegeldach

Attention: New and extended deadline for the international competition Planetary Urbanism!

Flyer Planetary Urbanism

The Federal Foreign Office supports a competition on information design awarded by ARCH+ Journal for Architecture and Urbanism. The international competition Planetary Urbanism is one of our worldwide projects. It is designed to encourage decision makers, students and citizens to rethink urbanisation, thus creating awareness of climate change in the context of urban living and possibly providing solutions