Summer in Berlin

Germany long had a reputation for being staid, sedate and provincial. Being cool and “in” was not the main quality Germans were credited with. Berlin, though, is a different matter: for years now, the Spree metropolis has seen a constant influx of creative workers, artists, scientists and academics from across the globe. Especially in summer, hosts of young people flock to Berlin from all over the world. Sonnenuntergang in der Hauptstadt Enlarge image (© picture alliance / dpa)

While the astronomical cost of living in London, New York and Amsterdam is increasingly putting off globetrotters, in Berlin being poor – but sexy – is enough, according to the now legendary remark by the city’s mayor. Since the American magazine Time labelled Berlin “Europe’s Capital of Cool”, hipness is another quality that may confidently be added to the list of Berlin’s merits.

For creative types, the place to be Sonnenbaden auf der Reichstagswiese Enlarge image (© picture alliance / dpa)

In nearly every respect, Berlin is the opposite of other international metropolises: it is cheap, fairly direct and unpretentious. But the main thing about Berlin is its “unfinishedness” – which makes it the perfect destination for young people eager to plunge into the city’s creative scene and nightlife. Berlin is a permanent work in progress, a city that is still being shaped. Party locations come and go. A dilapidated house serves as the setting for an exhibition and is soon afterwards just a tumbledown ruin again.

Sonnenschein in Berlin Enlarge image (© picture-alliance/ dpa) Not beautiful, but cool

Young Berliners say their city is not beautiful, but cool. Unlike in other metropolises, cultural life in Berlin does not play out in prestigious galleries; it takes place in converted warehouses and improvised backyards. What’s more, Berlin has no definite centre where the city’s heart beats. Instead, each district has its own centre and its own distinct identity. Berlin is a conglomeration of numerous little worlds. That’s why it’s a good idea to explore the city by bicycle, given its sprawling nature.

When the sun goes down, the party begins

Berlin draws lots of young people and party-goers, especially in summer. Despite being a landlocked city, Berlin boasts numerous beach bars and outdoor swimming pools that make for a genuine summer flair. Whether you’re having a barbecue in Berlin’s Tiergarten park, poking around the Mauerpark flea market for that special knick-knack or whiling away your time on the banks of the River Spree, Berlin is just made for young people. It’s only when the sun has gone down behind the government quarter that the DJs ramp it up in Berlin’s clubs and the city’s nightlife awakes.

Whether sightseeing at the Alexanderplatz in the heart of the city, sipping coffee at a café overlooking the Museum Island or taking a pleasure boat on the Spree, in summer Berlin has a whole range of things to do for visitors. Those who are energetic can play beach volleyball, or you can enjoy the unique atmosphere at one of the city’s open-air cinemas. A trip to Berlin is always worthwhile. We’ll tell you where the city’s top hot spots are.

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Summer in Berlin

Sonnenuntergang in Berlin